About Us

Our team is a group of very diverse individuals from the most war-torn and politically corrupt countries in central Africa. We hold degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, masters in logistics, carpentry, hospitality management, accounting, and art. Due to life-hardships, we have all ended up together in Kakuma. We still have hope to create better lives and this hope is strengthened with the start of Kakuma Ventures.


Innocent Tshilombo : Managing Director & Co-Founder

Innocent Tshilombo

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Innocent is an entrepreneur and humanitarian operations professional. His education cuts across business, Microeconomics, Liberal Art, ICT, and Electrical engineering. Innocent is a global citizen originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has led education, business, and humanitarian operations in hard to reach settings. He has presented research at several international conferences in Africa and Europe on technology-based access to higher education and the self-reliance of persons in emergencies and crises. Innocent is the founder of Kakuma Ventures Inc., a social enterprise that enables refugee entrepreneurs and persons at the margins start-ups. He enjoys testing and providing feedback on early access to new solutions supporting access to higher education, innovative business approach, and microcredit.

Kurt Davis : Partnerships

Kurt Davis


Kurt is a global entrepreneur and a business leader in technology from Silicon Valley and Asia for 20 years. He's the Chairman and Co-Founder of Kakuma Ventures and his expertise is the intersection of finance, business development/partnerships, and international work (Asia, Europe and Africa), BD specialist, and financier. He was the first business hire at Boku.com and built that operation globally for 7 years. The company (Boku.com) went IPO in London in November, 2017. He did over 100 deals with telecom and digital media companies including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Softbank, Alibaba, Vodafone, and more. He also has 6 years experience in venture capital investing. In 2017 he traveled 20 countries in Africa including Kakuma teaching entrepreneurship

Nadifo Gababa : Chief Finance Officer

Nadifo Gababa

Chief Finance Officer

Alfani Honore : Communication Director

Alfani Honore

Communication Director

Kakuma Ventures Communication Director. Graduate From Lubumbashi University (DRC) in International Relations.

Nyakuaya Angel : Operations Director

Nyakuaya Angel

Operations Director