Enabling African Refugees to Become Entrepreneurs

Sustainability + Empowerment



We are a platform that enables Africans refugees to become entrepreneurs. We have 10-15 individuals in Kakuma, Kenya refugee camp with a population of 200,000 and growing rapidly. Our goal is to build sustainable businesses that provide healthy food, clean water, logistics services, healthcare, education, shelter, clothing, and technology services. By doing this we enhance our lives and also create jobs. We invite you to join us in building new companies at our home, in Kakuma.


We are building a logistics and supply chain platform focused on food storage and delivery and water filtration.


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We empower entrepreneurs with supplies and loans to start businesses focused on the most needed goods.


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We are looking for partners and donors of all types. Join us on our mission.


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Wi-Fi Business

Our goal is to provide Wi-Fi to users across the entire camp. Everyone has phones to communicate with those inside the camp, loved ones back home, and to send money. Our Wi-Fi service is growing!

Water Filtration

Our goal is to have these in every corner of the camp so everyone can use. This means we may need close to 100 filters.